A Journey of Healing Gala

A Journey of Healing Gala

Substance Abuse & Trauma Care Fundraiser
Sunday August 25, 2024
Our gala is a formal celebration that offers our 200+ guests an evening of dinner and entertainment. It is an opportunity for us to come together to support the fight to end substance abuse and mental health trauma.

Substance Abuse & Trauma Care Fundraiser
Featuring Tim Cunningham and The Band & Featuring Violinist Bell Darris 

Polish Heritage Center
1413 N. 20th St.
St. Louis, MO 63106

Why should you attend?

The Facts & Percentages
It has been found that treatment reduces drug use by 40% to 60%, which is comparable to success rates of treatments for other chronic diseases, such as asthma and hypertension.*
In an independent evaluation of the IDHS/DASA treatment system, the following was found:
• Individuals reporting use of alcohol decreased from 59% at admission to 30% six months post­treatment; marijuana from 30% to 6%; cocaine from 37% to 6%; and heroin from 24% to 6%.**
• The percentage of individuals receiving wages for work increased significantly: 44% received wages at admission versus 57% who received wages six months after treatment.**
• The number of individuals reporting income received from illegal activities decreased from 16%at treatment admission to only 2% six months after treatment, an 88% decrease.**
• Alcohol and other drug treatment are cost­effective. Each $1 invested in treatment equals $4 to $ 7 in savings on crime and criminal justice costs alone.***

Our Founders


She was a child of a mother that battled with alcoholism her whole life. Dr. January has first-hand seen the effects & worked tirelessly to rehabilitate her mother to the quality of life she deserved.


Growing up during and participating in the crack epidemic of the ’80s & ’90s, Mr. Smith knows first-hand the effects that substance abuse can have on families. From prosecution and persecution of the youth to broken families, it’s time for change to happen within.

Admission for 10
Open Bar Cocktail Hour 5pm-6pm
Up Front Table
Gift Bags
Acknowledgement at Event